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Wavy Hair

What Are The Characteristics?

Hair dressers love wavy hair it's often thick and coarse and there's normally loads of it to play with. It also suits both long and short styles easily. The trouble is, those of us who are blessed with wavy hair would rather it was either poker­straight or in tumbling ringlets, but why waste time wanting what you don't have when what you do have can look so fantastic? The key to bringing out the beauty of wavy hair is dealing successfully with the two problems that come with it. The first of these is static, which can create the dreaded frizz, particularly on the crown of the head. The second is lack of volume w hich can cause flattening at the roots, creating a bell-head look.

How To Care For wavy Hair

Thick coarse hair can handle frequent washing but responds best to being left for two to three days between shampoos. When you do shampoo, you're unlikely to need thickening shampoos, but this doesn't mean that you should just grab any old bottle off the shelf because wavy hair is so thick, it can easily be weighed dowen. So using a volumizing shampoo(which provides lift within the hair). Will counteract this and will help maximize bounce and life. Wash your hair and follow up with a light leave-in conditioner which will provide a protective layer between the hair cuticle and the moisture that can create frizz. Now it's time for drying, which is where you can create truly wonderful waves. Start by towel-drying the hair lightly (by pressing and patting, not rubbing,which again creates frizz).

For ultimate results, use the following wave-enhancing technique:

  • Apply some anti-frizz serum or styling cream.

  • Divide the hair into sections about one inch across.

  • Using your fingers, twist these into ropes and fasten them up into little pin curls on your head.

  • Leave to dry naturally.

  • When the sections are dry, unravel and rake through with your fingers.

If you're in a hurry this approach won't work, so you're going to have to fake waves and volume, to do this, apply a little mousse to the roots of your hair and blow-dry using a warm setting (hot will straighten the hair out) and pointing the dryer upwards. When hair is about 90 per cent tip your head upside down and blow-dry that way.