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Eye Makeup:

The eyes are the most exciting and expressive feature of the body, so emphasizing them with make-up is extremely important.

Your eye can be divided into three parts, when it comes to makeup:

  • The eyelid.

  • The center, or depth area.

  • The brow bone.
  • For makeup for your eyes you need shadows, eyeliners, mascara etc.

Eye Shadows:-

  • Use lighter shades to highlight under the brow,
  • Use darker shades on the lid and the crease of the eye.
  • If You want to apply light shade, first draw a thin line with liquid eye liner or sharp eye pencil over the upper lash line as close to it as possible.


Before applying mascara, consider curling your lashes with a lash curler to open up your eyes. This is helpful to frame the eyes, especially if your lashes are short. Generally mascara is applied in two coats. To apply mascara, place your finger about mid-lid or on your eyebrow and pull up in order to hold your lid taut.

  • Use black mascara.
  • If you have short lashes, use lengthening mascara.
  • If you have thin lashes, use voluptuous mascara.
  • If you have sensitive eyes, use gentle mascara for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
  • Waterproof mascara is best choice in monsoon, or when your eyes are watering.

For daytime and school, try to keep your eye makeup as natural looking as possible. That means use neutral tones. Too much eye makeup can make you look a lot older. Use a light color to cover your eyelid and eye socket. Next, take a slightly darker shade and shade in above your eye crease and down to the top of your eyelid.

Applying eyebrow pencil
Be sure your tgcosmetics eye pencil is sharpened with a cosmetics sharpener, then lightly scribble with it on the back of your hand to dull down the very sharp point and warm the tip.

To decrease the appearance of puffy eyes use a thinly sliced cold cucumber or a slice of raw potato and place a slice on each eye. Use any cold compress on your eyes for a few minutes, but do not place ice cubes directly on your skin.

How to Apply eye Makeup:-

  • Apply the eye shadow color in several thin layers, blend well. Put the sheer color on the center of your lid with a sponge applicator or pencil.
  • Next, brush up and out toward your brow, then nose. Use an eye brush if possible. Apply a deeper shade of color to the crease of your lid.
  • To highlight eyes, add a lighter shade of the same color of eye makeup to your brow bone.
  • For great looking eyelashes, go over lashes first with an eyelash separator comb.
  • Apply a thin coat of mascara to lashes. Re-comb your lashes immediately after you apply the mascara. Let them dry, then repeat the process.