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Eyebrow Piercing - How to Pierce your Eyebrows

An eyebrow piercing, is a type of body piercing done through the eyebrow, usually vertically. Eyebrow piercings are similar to facial piercings. They may be pierced anywhere along the eyebrow from directly above the eye to the edge of the eyebrow.

Eyebrow piercings are a type of surface piercing and share the risk of migration and aftercare issues that all surface piercings have. Makeup or other beauty products that are applied to the face can also irritate the piercing or cause it to become infected.

One of the most modern body piercings is the eyebrow piercing. An eyebrow that has a heavier "ridge" or thickness of tissue under the brow line is better suited to support the successful healing of this piercing. Eyebrow piercings should be performed freehand with a proper piercing needle by a trained body piercer.

How to do Eyebrow Piercings:

Eyebrow piercing can be safe and easy as opposed to how it is generally perceived. It involves the following steps:-

  • Wear a button-down shirt, thus it won't be obligated to pull a shirt over your head - and your new jewelry, when you're ready to change.
  • Bring clips and a ponytail holder to keep hair away from your eyes. Until your piercing heals, you'll want to keep your hair off your face, as it may get caught or tangled in the ring or stud.
  • Close your eyes when the procedure begins. Trying to watch may cause you to tense up or jerk at the sight of the needle.
  • Take long deep breaths to keep calm as the steady hand of your piercer slips the needle in, followed by your new jewelry.
  • Take the aftercare advice of your piercer very seriously. It takes about six weeks to two months for an eyebrow piercing to heal, and in the meantime, it's very susceptible to infection.

General information about Eyebrow Piercing:-

  • Don't bother with trying to find some numbing cream, they are a waste of money.  The pain is only going to last a few seconds, so it is not needed.

  • Brow piercings can be irritated by eyebrow hairs, so plucking the hairs closest to the entry points of the jewelry can be very helpful.

  • Don't use waxes or any other hair removers while you're healing your piercing.

  • Tipping your piercing artists is always welcomed, though there are no formal rules on the subject.