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Tips To Care For Your Make-Up

Make-up can work miracles, just look at celebrities on screen they look perfect, with wide eyes and lush full lips, but in those sneaky paparazzi shots they look just like the rest of us. Their perfection is down to make-up and soon yours can be too. We've already looked at how the right colours can help flatter your skin tone. Now we're about to see how tricks and tips of application can help make the most of your features. If you want wider, brighter eyes, we'll show you how to get them fuller, sexier lips, it's all down to the lipstick you choose and by learning how to create the perfect base for your colours, you need never look tired or stressed out again. You can even change your whole image in the blink of an eye from sexy party looks to girly pinks, the choice is yours. You just need to know how to make it happen.

Make-Up Products

Confused by the terms on your products? Here's how to break through the lingo.


These use ingredients that tighten the skin while you wear them, they minimize fine lines and wrinkles, good for maturing skins.

Light Reflective

As we get older the skin reflects less light, so to counteract this some products add light reflective particles, they give the face a glow and create the illusion of fewer lines and wrinkles. They're good for maturing skin or those who feel their skin looks dull.


These include ingredients that hydrate the skin while you wear them, best for dry or mature skins.

Oil Free

Oily ingredients have been taken out to minimize shine.


The latest trend in foundation is to include ingredients that plump the skin as you wear them. Reducing the look of lines and wrinkles, good for anyone worried about ageing.

Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Includes sunscreen, but don't rely on it foundation is spread so thinly. It won't give the same protection as a moisturizer or specialist sunscreen.

Treatment Foundation

these normally contain salicylic acid to help counteract spots while you are wearing them.

Vitamin Enriched

Enhanced with antioxidants, these claim to give more de fence against problems like pollution.