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Concealers - How to Apply Concealers

Concealer comes as sticks, cream and tubes and cab also be used to cover ruddy areas and freckles on the face. Concealer, which is much lighter than foundation, or a mismatched concealer may result in over-emphasizing a spot rather than covering it up. For people with dry skin and need to camouflage larger areas such as under-eye circles, liquid concealer is the best foundation while solid concealer is better to hide definite areas such as pimples, scars and bruises.

The concealer can hide just about every imperfection and give you flawless skin. The liquid concealer is especially recommended for dry skin and for concealing large areas like under-eye circles. Solid concealer is necessary to hide stubborn pimples, scars and bruises.

Concealers are applied to cover dark circles around the eyes, thereby greatly enhancing the appearance of the face. Concealers helps in diminishing the pimples, marks and dark circles under the eyes. Concealers may be liquid, cream or solid. Moisturize your face first for easier application. To prevent concealer from setting into fine lines, wipe away excess. Blot with a tissue for matte finish.

How to apply the concealers:-

In applying concealers, using the right makeup techniques is important. Concealers are of a denser composition than regular foundations and are generally available in sticks, tubes, pots, and creams. Your concealer should be one shade lighter than your foundation.

Using a concealer that is too light or too pink will give the appearance of `owl eyes'. Apply Sacha's concealer with a small fine tipped brush for an accurate application. As with any other application, blending is the key.

  • Use a concealer brush to apply concealer. These brushes are made with tiny bristles and will cover them imperfection so it is virtually invisible.
  • Apply concealer that matches the color of your skin tone over the layer of neutralizing concealer.
  • Follow with a foundation matched to your skin tone. Pat on foundation with a sponge or fingertips in a downward motion so you don't make the hairs on your face stand up.

How to Choose Concealer:-

It includes the following steps:-

  • Consider concealers that are one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. Remember that the idea is to make a darker spot blend into your complexion.
  • Select a concealer most appropriate for the area you wish to cover. A creamier version is recommended for the delicate under-eye area, while a drier formula is better suited to other facial skin.
  • Test variations of a yellow-based concealer, since white, green and pink concealers can leave you with colored rather than concealed imperfections.