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How to apply lipstick:

Lipstick, is one of the easiest and quickest ways to transform your appearance. Lipstick contains a variety of waxes, oils, pigments, and emollients. The wax gives lipstick its shape and ease of application. The dark complexions look best with deep reds with dark blue or purple undertones or deep browns with purple, blue or wine undertones.

Lipstick adds the final touch to any makeup application. Lining the lips creates subtle definition and perfects the shape of the lips. To protect the lips from weather changes, apply lipstick with moisturizers and sun protection. Moisturizing lipsticks have the smallest amount of pigment, because pigment dries your lips.

Those with olive complexions should opt for colours with warm undertones to brighten the skin, such as light brown, raisin or brown reds, like blackberry and wine. Those with fair complexions need lip colours with warm peach or pink undertones, while those with pale complexions can wear almost any colour, using dramatic shades to make a strong beauty statement.

Mostly, lipsticks contain some kind of moisturizer like Vitamin E, collagen, or amino acids, and some even contain sun block. Lipstick adds the finishing touch to makeup by bringing the other colors you have applied to your face into harmony. Lips are the most important focal points of your face, so one must pay special attention to these areas while doing makeup.

Tips for lips:-

These includes:-

  • Lipstick staining your teeth makes you look extremely shabby. To avoid this, pucker your lips in an extreme 'O' and then apply the lipstick.
  • You can also highlight your lips by using a light film of eye shadow color coordinated with your lip color in the center of the upper and lower lips.
  • If one of your lips is larger than the other, balance the look by using the lighter shade of the lipstick on the smaller-sized lip.

How to Apply Lipstick

These includes:-

  • Apply all other makeup before putting on lipstick and lip liner.
  • Firstly remove all color from your lips.
  • Outline your lips with a lip pencil.
  • Apply it on the line of the upper lip, keeping your mouth closed and relaxed. Use short strokes, as they are easier than a continuous line.
  • On the lower lip, work from the center to the corners.
  • Open your mouth wide and brush the color into the corners, so that there are no unfinished edges.
  • Apply lipstick from the tube or by using a firm, small lipstick brush. Coat the lips evenly. Pay special attention to staying within the lips' edges.
  • Blot to remove any excess color and to even out the texture.