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Makeup and Makeup Tips

Makeup or Cosmetics, are substances to enhance the beauty of the human body. Makeup, is used for the cleaning of skin, hair, nails. Apart from these, it is also used for the treatments of manicures, pedicures, application of artificial nails, special occasion hairstyling, shampooing hair, cosmetic application, body hair removal, chemical hair relaxers or straighteners.

Makeup artists need to do makeup for women with diverse complexions. They need to use a line of makeup that works well on any skin color, from the lightest to the darkest.

Makeup are the cosmetics applied, especially to the face. For the face makeup, use only the good brushes. Don't dab your brush, roll or brush it across the makeup.

Some Makeup Tips

The important tips for the good makeup are as:-

  • Whenever possible apply your makeup under natural lighting.
  • Firstly, allow moisturizer and allow to dry the skin.
  • After that, select a foundation a slightly darker shade than your normal skin tone. This will help with the stage light wash-out.
  • Apply loose powder to face. Try to match skin tone or foundation.
  • Apply blush by first sweeping your brush through the loose powder then through your powdered blush. This will blend the blush in better. 
  • At last, apply eyeliner- For creamy pencil, liquid, gel or pen, use the tip of the brush or point for the finest line, getting right at the base of the lashes.
  • Don't rush off to bed without properly removing all your makeup and performing a cleansing & moisturizing routine.