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How to Shape your Eyebrows to make them Bushy

If your brows are too bushy, try combing all hairs straight down until your natural arch becomes apparent. Then trim the brushed down brows with a manicure scissors, following the shape of the upper arch.

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features on your face. It is essential to keep them properly groomed. You look better if they appear better. Proper eyebrow shaping can bring about a positive change in appearance.

Eyebrows are one of the most noticed features on your face. Keeping them well groomed is essential. The better they look, the better you look. For eyebrows not to look too "manicured", start by trimming back the long hair and cut them in the direction they grow.

Androgens, the hormones that make you male, sometimes get carried away and produce far too much hair that's also far too strong and far too long.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows:-

A few tips and tricks are as:-

  • Get your brows done professionally, then tweeze on your own using the pro job as your 'map': Prune where the stray hairs grow.
  • You need amazing tweezers
  • To tweeze above the brows or not: While some experts say 'never,' others say, 'don't be ridiculous, you gotta tweeze above the brows.'

One of the most character revealing features of the face is the Eyebrow and this is one of the most tampered with feature of a woman. When eyebrows are thick, bushy, scanty or grow close over the bridge of the nose, they tell a tale of their own and can be altered to better your life and at the same time enhance the balance and beauty of your face. A quicker and slightly less painful method, suitable for very bushy eyebrows is Waxing.

Best tips on Bushy Eyebrows:-

The important tips for bushy eyebrows may includes as:-

  • Eyebrows should be waxed every 3 weeks. If you have really coarse, thick eyebrows you may want to get them done every 2 weeks.
  • For overplucked your eyebrows you can color them in with a soft coloured-eyeshadow while they're growing back in.
  • Use a brush with firm, short hair. That will create a softer, more natural but precise look.
  • It's nicer than drawing them in with a pencil. The best way to let your eyebrows grow back in is to pluck the stray hairs out, but leave a row or 2 of hairs right under the brows so that they can grow in.
  • When a hair pops up in a place, where even the bushiest eyebrows outside the nicely formed bushy eyebrow, pluck that, but not the eyebrow itself.
  • A nicely shaped bushy eyebrow, give your eyes a nicer appearance. It also gives you a softer look.