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Growing Problem of Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are very common problems amongst the urban civilization in the current times. They often occur together and is a cause of major tension among the current generation today. The causes of depression can be many but the main ones are:

  • Trauma and stress: Problems related to finance, relationship, accidents etc causes trauma and stress on human mind as well as body. This also contributes to depression.
  • Physical condition: people who suffer from serious or chronicle health problem also have a tendency to be depressed.  
  • Other psychological problems like Anxiety disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia etc also led to depression.
  • Pessimistic personality: People from negative outlook towards life or anything under the sun also dig into the problem of depression.
  • Family history: In cases of depression like other diseases genes came to play a significant factor.

If you see around you will be surprised to find that depression is growing at an alarming rate. The effects of depression can be so traumatizing that it can have severe effects on the one’s health. But there is no need to worry now as there are several natural remedies of depression and some natural remedies are so effective that they can remove depression from the core. Natural remedies are deliberated as the medical products that is compounded of ‘active ingredients derived from natural sources, plant products excluded, i.e. from parts of animals, bacterial cultures, minerals, salts or salt solutions’. It is not necessary that this ‘active ingredients’ should be processed in a highly refined way. Natural remedies are usually applied for ‘self-medication’. There are many treatment centers also which are operated and aids in removing the problems of depression and anxiety from the core. However natural remedies can be applied for minor illness where medical treatment is not needed very much.  Most of the herbal remedies for depression are provided online and many herbal remedies of anxiety and depression are also marketed online. Thus the growing problem of anxiety and depression seems to be a step away to be out of people’s lives.