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Eyebrow Lift - Its Advantages and How is Eyebrow Lift Performed?

As the face ages, one of the sometimes noticeable problems is drooping of the eyebrows.  This may make excess upper eyelid skin even more noticeable.  It is important when being assessed for 'baggy eyelids' that the position of the eyebrows is also noted.

The eyebrow-lift, sometimes called a forehead-lift, is a procedure to tighten skin and reduce wrinkling from the brow area and up. It can improve signs of aging such as frown lines and sagging eyebrows, which give your face a tired or angry expression. Thus, an eyebrow-lift is often performed in combination with other techniques such as a face-lift or eyelid surgery. Brow-lifts are generally outpatient procedures performed under local anesthesia.

Sagging of the eyebrows and deep lines in the forehead can give one a tired, even angry appearance. The forehead/eyebrow lift is designed to restore the eyebrows to a higher, more youthful postion, and soften the wrinkles so often seen in the forehead.

The lift may be performed through an incision at or behind the hairline, depending upon the patient's specific hair pattern. A recently developed technique involves using much smaller incisions and lighted endoscopes to perform the procedure, and is applicable to some, but not all patients.

The surgeon makes three or five short incisions.  An endoscope is inserted, allowing the surgeon a clear view of the muscles and tissues beneath the skin. The special antibiotic threads dissolve slowly whenever your collagen has encapsulated and bunched around the threads causing a further lifting effect.  Any rejection of the treads is thus minimized.


It is amethod in which excessive fat is removed along with excessive skin. At times, the excessive skin hanging from the upper eyelid may be, to some extent, caused by a sagging of the eyebrows. In some cases, it is advisable to perform a forehead lift with a lifting of the eyebrow or a direct eyebrow lift prior to or at the time of the corrective eyelid operation.

Before surgery, an eye physician will be asked to perform an intra-ocular examination to establish that there are no contra-indications to the proposed procedure.

How Eyebrow Lift is Performed?

Eyebrow lifts are usually performed under local anesthesia, supplemented by a mild sedative to keep you relaxed, yet awake. Your doctor will make an incision across the top of the head, just above the hairline. Excess skin, fat and portions of the muscle are then removed through the incision, which is then closed with clips or sutures. Forehead and brow lifts may be performed alone, or along with other procedures such as a facelift or eyelid surgery.

Advantages of Brow Lift

  • Browlift can smooth out the wrinkles and correct drooping brows and heavy lids to provide a younger, friendlier appearance.
  • A browlift can be performed alone or with other cosmetic procedures such as a facelift, eyelid surgery, or laser skin resurfacing.
  • A forehead lift or "browlift" helps to reduce deep creases, horizontal lines, and furrows in the forehead while lifting heavy, droopy eyebrows that can create a hooding effect over the eyes.