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Winter Skin Care - Tips for keeping your skin healthy in Winters

Caring for your skin during the colder months requires different products and different techniques. Cold, dry winter air is very damaging to skin because it literally removes all moisture. All these ailments can be pretty embarrassing and of course, bring much discomfort as well. The dry and itchy feeling can pretty much get on your nerves. But with a few handy tips and regular care you can confront the most bitter of winters with a soft, supple and glowing face day after day.

You can change your foamy cleanser for a milky cleanser, your toner should have less alcohol in, so that it doesn't dry out the skin, and the moisturizer should be heavier in texture, in order to add more moisture, as well as prevent moisture loss.

Skipping moisturizer in winter will cause your skin to crack. You need to moisturizer at least one time a day, perhaps two.

Tips for Skin Care in Winters

  • Don't use toner or anything with alcohol in it.
  • Protect facial skin from both cold winds and drying air from heaters with a rich natural moisturizer.
  • Get a good moisturizing night cream, even if you don't use one in summer.
  • Dress warmly, in layers, and wear a hat, scarf and gloves when you go out in cold weather. Wear a natural lip balm to protect your lips. A light layer of ghee can also work as natural lip protection.
  • The skin on your feet tends to dry and crack more in winter. Treat your feet to a relaxing soak at night, three times a week. After the soak, rub in an herbal lotion, some shear butter or some almond oil on your feet.
  • Add moisturizer to your foundation to keep protect from winter.
  • Three or four times a week, offer dry facial and body skin additional lipid support with a replenishing oil. Choose a nourishing base oil such as almond.
  • An ampule oil pack for hair once in a while is a good idea in winter.
  • Moisturize to the maximum because indoor and outdoor conditions are drier in winter, use moisturizers more frequently. you may also want to switch to heavier emollients and creams during this season.
  • Eat a balanced diet: Start with a minimum of 8 - 12 glasses of water each and every day, and follow up with lots of fruits and vegetables. Continue with a basic low-fat diet and good-quality protein.
  • Alcoholic drinks tend to enlarge the blood vessels near the surface of your facial skin, and prolonged alcohol consumption or abuse can damage your skin.