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Night Creams - How to Use them?

In general, night creams are simply thicker than day creams and almost all contain oil. Unless you suffer from severely dry skin, chances are you do not need one. If you have moderately dry skin, your best bet is to apply a regular moisturizer as often as you need it. Certain creams, such as retinol creams or lightening creams that don't contain SPF, must only be used in the evening as they can cause sensitivity to the sun.

Unless your complexion is very oily, your doctor is right. Nutrient-rich night creams are great for nourishing skin. They're particularly beneficial for women, whose skin is drier and less able to fight damaging free radicals. But not all creams are created equal.

The Use of Night Creams

Actually, these creams are almost as essential to our skincare as the moisturizers that we apply during the day. With the beating that our skin takes during the hot summer days, it is important to give it a little extra attention. It might be a good idea to apply this cream about a half hour before you go to bed so that it isn't transferred to the pillowcase.

In winter your skin may become dryer and benefit from the energizing properties of the Vitamin C range, for that ultra fresh sense-stimulating experience. In summer, when the heat is on, the Perfect Balance skin care creams help zap unwanted shine and protect from UV damage.

Vitamin C skin care:-

  • Vitamin C Skin Cream - This skin care cream contains both Vitamin C and skin strengthening ingredients that work to re-energies your skin restoring a glowing complexion.
  • Vitamin C Overnight Skin Glow, compliments the day cream by evening skin tone, boosting collagen and pepping pasty skin for the best beauty sleep you've ever had!

Perfect Balance skin care creams:-

These includes:-

  • Perfect Balance Shine Manager Mattifying Day Cream - This skin care cream will mattify your skin, work to tame excess oil and hydrate where needed.
  • Perfect Balance Skin Drench Hydrating Day Cream - The hydrating day cream is the right skin care cream for you! It works as a moisture magnet using smart technology to help restore your skin's equilibrium. With UV filters and vitamin E this skin care cream boosts the moisture of normal to dry skin.
  • Perfect Balance Time Out Restorative Night Cream - The night cream compliments the properties of the day cream working overtime to defend moisture reserves and restore the skins delicate balance. This skin care cream is suitable for all skin types.