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Ethocyn - Information

Ethocyn is a synthetic compound that blocks certain hormone receptors in the skin when applied to the surface of the skin. Ethocyn can be expected to decrease wrinkles and to make skin smoother. Results are noticeable even with facial movement and speech.

Ethocyn is a synthetic compound, manufactured by Chantal Pharmaceutical Corporation, which blocks certain hormone receptors in skin when applied to skin surface. It allows the skin of people over 40 to produce elastin fiber tissues of individuals in their 20s.

Ethocyn helps in optimizing the skin's natural elasticity and resiliency and thus resulting in significantly better toned, smoother and younger looking skin. It is an exclusive, patented anti-aging ingredient that acts as a competitive inhibitor and targets elastin production helping to restore youthful elastin levels in the skin.

Ethocyn is a topically applied cream that may block the production of male hormones in the skin. Since male hormones can suppress production of elastin, an elastic tissue protein in unwrinkled skin, it is believed that after daily application of Ethocyn, the skin will increase its production of elastin, and therefore decrease the formation of wrinkles. There is no good literature to support the efficacy of Ethocyn, however it is available in many over-the-counter skin care products.

Ethocyn will not get rid of every wrinkle in most peoples. However, it can be expected to decrease wrinkles and to make the skin smoother. The results are especially noticeable with movement of the face with expression and speech. For example, in those who frown or smile and those whose lines are quite prominent and which take a while to smooth back out so that it looks like a badly dubbed movie, the increased elasticity will allow the skin to snap back into the appropriate position, as it does in younger individuals. The skin should be tighter and less sagging. This is true for other areas, such as the neck and the backs of the hands.

Ethocyn Essence Vials helps to your skin resume its youthful elasticity and resiliency while at the same time it helps protect your skin against free radicals caused by envioronmental pollutants. Only two drops are needed for each application.

Hydrating Complex - This vital nourishing Hydrating Complex utilizes the extraordinary breakthrough ingredient Ethocyn to help your skin resume its youthful resiliency. Dermatologist clinically and allergy tested. Apply avoiding the eye area.